“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...”-Chinese Proverb

The mug in the picture is a birthday gift from my sister, but, all joking aside, since I have announced the pending publication of my first book, 99% of those I talk to have the samequestion...”how?” 

I pride myself on the fact that most people I surround myself with are intelligent, creative, and hard-working, so the question is not surprising. I will answer it the only way I am able, from myperspective.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t claim that my way was is the best way, but it’s the only way I know, so here is my story:

In April of 2019, I took my then almost 2-year-old to the public library for a “Baby Shark” story hour. It combined her two passions at that point: sharks and reading. Over her short 21 months oflife that far, we read every single thing we could get our hands on. No matter the story, each time we read, it meant quality cuddle time, entertainment and brain development. Isawtremendousgrowthinmytiny human, and it made my heart explode. That day of that “Baby Shark” story hour, we picked a few books about sharks. One included lots of facts, one of them being that sharks don't sleep...andthe seed was planted in my head. 

Over the next few days, I researched sleep habits of marine life and learned lots of interesting things. I then sat down with all of my info and turned it into a story. I wanted a mama and a littlegirl to be the main story characters, as I wanted to write a story in which my daughter could recognize herself. 

After writing my story, next came the part of obtaining an agent or publisher. I tried both routes. Thankful for today’s technological advances, I googled every version of “children’s publishersaccepting  submissions” along with “children’s book agents accepting submissions.” I read HOURS worth of material to find matches. I joined “children’s author and publisher”groups onFacebook.

Most agents and publishers require you to submit a “query letter” about your project. Some ask for samples or your entire book. Early in the process I did not intend on doing my own illustrationsthey were not included.

(Continue reading in the blog post: Part 2 of “How”)

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