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Sharks Don’t Sleep

What could be more relaxing than the ocean’s peaceful sounds lulling you to sleep? How about sleeping beneath the crashing waves? That’s exactly what little Bettie Blue plans to do when her mom tells her it is bedtime! In this aquatic and informative bedtime story, Bettie Blue fantasizes about running away to live in the ocean but quickly learns, with her mother’s guidance, that everything is very different in the ocean, even sleep! Will the new information Bettie learns about the sleeping habits of marine life turn the tide for Bettie, or will she choose floating off to sleep in the deep blue ocean?


Sharks Don’t Sleep is Katie’s debut picture book, written from the perspective of an educator and a parent looking to spark a love of science in imaginative and inquisitive young readers. The book also aims to celebrate the many differences among all creatures. 


“Sharks Don’t Sleep“ is now available through Pen It Publications and on Amazon.